Sunday, July 6, 2008


So miss brat has torn apart 2 plush squeak toys, as well as a smoothie bone that didn't even last 24hrs. So after repairing the squeak toys (one with out a squeaker), and being torn apart yet another time, I decided to make a new one. I used an old ribbed cotton t-shirt and filled it with the stuffing that was left from the two previous toys and stuck in the remaining squeaker. 2 hours later I had a new toy for her. She sniffed at it for a few seconds then walked off. Well here are some pictures of the stinker and her new toy.

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aksunflour said...

Bumpkins saw your pic and said that was her friend... and her friend was tired cause her sleeping. LOL

the sewing looks good on the toy- what about making it into a bone shape?