Monday, July 14, 2008


Large breed black Kong-$13.95
Small breed vitabones- Technically free
Watching your dog try to get the biscuit out of the Kong-Priceless

I finally broke down and bought her a Kong, a little pricy, but they claim to be virtually indestructible and a 30day buy back guarantee if it goes the way of the Frisbee (no where). This is a toy she can play with during the day if we are gone at work, so I think it was pretty worth it. She played with it for a bit, but not all that excited, then I shoved the biscuit in it and she is in love with her new toy. I did this because she destroyed a sock yesterday making it obvious that she was bored. Pictures to come.

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Kazul said...

We used Teddy's alot. We also bought him a star ufo one from the same company. I do not like that one, nor does Teddy. His medium dog toy is packed somewhere...very sad. I usually carefully pack in two biscuits and he is busy for a very long time!